Not sure what History or Science Elective to take Junior or Senior year? Take a look at some class reviews by past students!

Shumway: Robotics

Review by

Devon Tyrie 

The class is set up to be self-taught, with Mr. Shumway acting as a resource. The curriculum is an online website which you read through at your own pace. Periodically, there will be mandatory quizzes to check your understanding of the material, and that cumulative grade is the grade you receive for the class. If you do the work, you should be able to get a perfect score on each quiz. The pinnacle of the class is building your robot and competing against others. I liked the independence of the course and that you don’t have to work outside of class if you don’t want to. I would advise you to take the class if you have consistent self-paced, and you’re looking for something more low-stress in your schedule.

Harrison: Anatomy

Review by

Kat Poole

The class is set up as a discussion-based and lab-based class. The curriculum covers all anatomical aspects of the human body and includes a field trip to Harvard Medical School. The class consists of a couple of presentations and culminates with each member becoming CPR and first aid certified. The grade is made up of mostly tests and quizzes. I am really interested in anatomy and medicine combined with current events, which was a main focus of the class; therefore, I really enjoyed the material. I would advise you to take the class if you’re interested in science and how the human body works and are looking for a difficult class. However, if you’re curious about the information, the difficulty feels less pertinent.

Blake: History of Ancient Greece

Review by

Casey Severo

The setup is a bit of a modge podge: we have projects, discussions, and lectures. The curriculum starts at the foundation of Greece and we learn up until the downfall of Greece. We focus on the battles and culture of the country. The class ends with a unit test, but our grade is made from tests, quizzes, the final unit test, and presentations, so it was not entirely dependent on your performance on the ‘final’. My favorite part of the class was learning about wars and specific fighting styles in ancient times. I advise students to take this class if they like learning about ancient times and are okay with a lot of reading assignments but are still looking for a class that is not too challenging.

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