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Climate Change

Expand the Department of Agriculture (USDA) conservation program that pays farmers to adopt environmentally-friendly practices. Tax carbon emissions and develop nuclear power as a sustainable energy alternative.


Supports DACA and citizenship for Dreamers. However, wants to keep illegal border crossings a criminal offense.

Gun Control

Helped to create the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban and supports universal background checks. Supports banning assault weapons and calls for a voluntary buyback program for these weapons. 

Criminal Justice

Eliminate the death penalty, private prisons, mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug violations, and the cash bail system. Reduce racial disparities in cocaine sentencing. 


Protect the Affordable Care Act and improve it by expanding coverage. Opposes Medicare For All because of its costs (upwards of $30 trillion). Reduce Medicare drug prices by getting US prices to align with the lower costs paid by other nations, called international reference pricing. 


Set the minimum wage at $15/hour and provide paid family and sick leave, though he has not introduced specific plans for the latter. Supports raising corporate taxes. 


Make two years of community college free, paid for by closing a single tax loophole. Help teachers by improving the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, which removes debt after working for 10 years, and tripling Title I funding, which provides federal money to schools with high populations of low-income students. Opposes for-profit charter schools. 


 Increase the defense budget and keep overseas troops deployed.

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