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Climate Change

Trump is skeptical towards climate change, particularly findings on human-caused climate change, and he calls for the US to leave the Paris Climate Accord (which cannot occur until after 2020). Trump has eliminated around 85 government regulations on climate change that he believes hurts fossil fuels and big businesses.


Trump has supported limiting legal and illegal immigration. Trump enforced a “zero-tolerance” policy that criminalized all illegal crossings, resulting in many cases of family separation. Trump also enacted a travel ban on immigrants from majority-Muslim countries and supports funding for a border wall between the US and Mexico. Trump also seeks to reform the legal immigration system to prioritize immigrants that demonstrate “merit” instead of family members.

Gun Control

Trump has had a mixed platform on gun control; he supports gun-rights activists and the NRA, calls for arming schools to protect from shootings, and has historically opposed banning assault weapons. However, after recent school shootings, Trump has expressed some desire to increase gun control with background checks and bans on “bump stocks.”

Criminal Justice

Trump strongly supports the death penalty. In office, Trump doubled spending on private prisons and criticized cash bail reforms in states such as New York. However, Trump also pursued more liberal criminal justice policies, such as shortening mandatory minimum sentences. 


Trump opposes the Affordable Care Act and has worked to weaken the policy by repealing major aspects and cutting funding. Trump hopes to eventually replace the ACA but not before 2020; he had previously requested Congress in 2017 to suggest alternative plans, but none of them passed. Trump also supports reducing drug prices. 


Trump supports lowering taxes for large corporations and cutting income taxes. He also promotes an “America First” economic policy in terms of trade, which has involved raising tariffs on foreign goods and increasing US exports. 


Trump promotes a “school-choice” program that would enable low-income students to attend private or charter schools, which includes increasing funding for charter schools. Trump opposes federal involvement in education; he has notably criticized the Common Core standards. 


Trump supports increasing defense spending but wants to bring overseas troops home.

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