Celebrating Quarantine Events

By Angie Gabeau, Staff Photographer, May 2020

During this quarantine, it is really hard to ignore the things that could’ve been. There have been so many events, milestones, and traditions that people are missing because of the order to stay inside. It is also difficult to stay positive when there is no predicted end to the virus and the tragic stories are constantly flooding the news. Despite the change of events, have Nobles students been able to have a good birthday, or graduation party, or Easter dinner, in quarantine?

There are obvious reasons why people dislike celebrating in quarantine. Lauren Young (Class I) highlighted how it was difficult for her to spend a birthday without some of her closest friends and family. “My family and cousins, aunts and uncles usually get together to celebrate everyone’s birthdays and we weren’t able to do that this year. I wish I could’ve seen them,” Young explained.

However, some Nobles students have been able to enjoy their birthdays in quarantine by finding other ways to celebrate. This includes having a virtual birthday party with friends, playing personalized Kahoots, watching movies over Zoom, doing drive-bys, and creating video compilations on their birthday. Alejandra Mendez (Class III) said that this was her favorite birthday so far, despite being in quarantine. She explained, “Everyone was like, ‘Oh it must be really tough turning 16 in quarantine,’ when it really wasn’t.”

Young, Mendez, and Lily Stevenson (Class I) all felt that loved ones tried to counterbalance the negative parts of having a birthday in quarantine. Both Young and Stevenson received videos from their friends and family wishing them a happy birthday, and Mendez loved getting phone calls and texts from her close ones. “Just a phone call was enough to make me happy,” she said.

This time of our lives is extremely unique and historic. For important dates that you want to celebrate, you can use this to your advantage and make it something to remember. Stevenson said, “It [my birthday] will be something I will get to tell my kids about and because it wasn’t supposed to be good, my family ended up making it so special.”

Both Young and Mendez explained how it is important to think positively when approaching these birthdays, holidays, and milestones. Young advises that those celebrating the birthdays of others shouldn’t focus on the effect quarantine has, but instead just find ways to make it special. Mendez describes all the discontent people have on social media regarding spending these times in quarantine, but she has chosen to take a more positive approach.

For those who have special events approaching, you have the chance to make it special. Blow up a bunch of balloons, dress up, call a bunch of your friends, and eat all your favorite foods. Stevenson recommends, “Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you do –– having something different from the routine is so nice.” Don’t use this period to overlook all the times you care about. Mendez shared, “It’s not what you expected to be but it is still a time where we can celebrate and we should think positively.” A quarantine birthday or anniversary can be so special, if done right.

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