From Silly Bandz to Club Penguin: Everything You Miss from the Sweet Childhood Years of the 2000's

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

1. Silly Bandz

This iconic form of currency turned the playground into a world leaders conference: breaking friendships and establishing power dynamics, all while testing out our negotiation skills. A symbol of power, the number of Silly Bandz you possessed in your repository dictated your social status. You also arbitrarily assigned more value to certain Silly Bandz. You pitied the fool who traded a cat for a mermaid. This was the law of the land, and no one dared to disagree. Well, except for the parents who had to buy all of them.

2. Fortune tellers

Forget religion, faith, or free will: these paper items determined your destiny. Feeling particularly annoyed with a friend? No problem! Just write out all the worst scenarios, and their fate is sealed. Serves them right, after they claimed “finders keeper” and stole your guitar Silly Bandz. They’re definitely gonna lose in the competition about who can go through the motions the fastest.

3. Concentration; Sweet or Sour

The ultimate way to pass time on the bus. Whenever you were going to school in the morning, or on a field trip, these games gave you unlimited entertainment. Concentration was the OG, and you played every spare moment. Who can ever forget, “Concentration...64!...No mistakes...Or hesitations...I’ll go first...And you’ll go second...Category...Fruits.” As for Sweet or Sour, that either restored your faith in humanity or gave you an excuse to make funny gestures at strangers. At the end of the day, nothing beat the wholesome feeling of making a friendly truck honk.

4. Spam emails






everything has an END except

..... fam(ily) -> it has I LOVE YOU

if you love your family send to 5 people, otherwise you’ll have bad luck for 40 years.


Yes. Finally, I’ve found the reason why I’m getting bad grades and poor sleep. It has absolutely nothing to do with my procrastination. Now we can all blame it on these emails. You’re welcome.

5. Wearing tights under skirts

Say what you will about bell-bottoms, denim-on-denim, or thigh-high boots: this was the fashion trend of the millennium. Nothing will ever beat adding a little pizzazz to your already decorative skirts. Some of us hated the fact that our moms forced us, but some of us owned the trend. I know that I always paired a DIY messenger bag with my ensemble, with my name in glitter glue right on the front.

6. Phineas and Ferb

What a show. Can we ever forget the theme song? Can we ever forget “Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated?” I know you just sang that in your head — IN TUNE. Can we ever forget the iconic characters? Can we ever forget “You’re Busted?” Can we ever forget “A-g-l-e-t?” Can we ever forget “Squirrels in my Pants?” Can we ever forget our conspiracy theories about Phineas’ real dad (was it Doofenshmirtz?) No further questions, your honor.

7. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

“It’s the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Come inside, it’s fun inside.” I know you just sang that in your head too. That’s all.

8. Club Penguin/Poptropica/Moshi Monsters

To be a kid in the 2000s meant playing these games nonstop. After a fun day at school, we’d come back home on the bus (playing Concentration the whole time, of course), walk over to a friend’s house, and play together. Unless you were a child genius, searching up clues and loopholes on the internet was a must. Each game had its strengths. Club Penguin allowed us to have cute little Puffles and igloos, and we could do cool things like learn karate or dance. Poptropica allowed us to explore cool places like Mythology Island (remember stopping the water flow to get the pomegranate from the tree?), Nabooti Island (remember finding the gems in order to complete the totem pole?), and Reality TV Island (remember completing challenges and voting people out?). Moshi Monsters was a later find, but equally as good. We picked out funny monsters (I always chose the floating apple) and took care of them. Of course, other iconic 2000s games include: Webkinz, Barbie online games, Purble Place (remember making the cake with the different layers?), and Solitaire (if you had a PC).

9. Gogurt/ Trix are for kids

You’re at school. You just finished math class, and now it’s finally recess. You either line up to get a snack from your teachers, or you open up your lunchbox. It doesn’t matter, because you finally got your hands on the Strawberry Banana/Berry Gogurt. After you come home from school, you put on the TV. You hear “Trix are for kids!” and nod approvingly. After all, what else would you eat for breakfast?

By Anushka Harve, Staff Writer, December 2018

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