Humans of Nobles: Non-Quarantine Related

By Saffiyah Coker, Staff Writer, May 2020

Celia Dorsey (Class I)

What do you create and why? Would you describe art as a driving force in your life?

“I want to go into the performing arts and the production side of performing arts as a career. Because my dad is an artist, I grew up around the art department. When I was younger and my mom was away on business, I would go up to the Schoolhouse and sit with a ball of clay and just create. That was what we would always be doing.

[I began up-cycling because] I wanted a good pair of Levi’s. It became so much cheaper for me to go to Saver’s and get a dress and flip it. Then I had this totally unique thing that was cheaper and good for the environment. I always have a new hobby.

The Vlogs came into fruition during senior fall and I was really going through it; senior fall was so stressful. I got all the good moments from that day of people being happy, then I put it to a cute little song. I thought to post it because I needed more positivity in my life. I said, ‘I’m going to document high school and have more positivity.’ Art has always been an escape for me and a place where I can have more positivity in my life and keep on creating.”

(Credit: Celia Dorsey)

Mary Wallace, Business Office Administrator

What is one life experience you’ve had that you wish more people knew about?

“Teaching, for one. I think a lot of people see me as the Business Office Administrator, which I love doing, but I was a teacher for many years. I was able to do some teaching in the British primary schools in Oxfordshire, England, which was an amazing experience. It was [through] a student-teaching class I took though college over the summer. They were still in school because their system ran three months on, three weeks off. [Britain] has a very different primary school system, and I was able to bring that experience into our [U.S.] public school system.

Years ago, when I was teaching I wrote a little book for my class about the process of maple sugaring. I went around and took pictures of maple sugar trees, and I wrote a little story using the pictures. I read it to my class year after year and I loved that.”

Heidi Charles, Archivist & Librarian

What is one life experience you’ve had that you wish more people knew about?

“I studied abroad in Tokyo, Japan when I was in college. It was really life-changing for me because it allowed me to grow as a person and experience the world. I have a newfound respect and appreciation for Japanese culture; not a lot of people know that I’ve even been there. The last week that I was there I got to summit Mt. Fuji, which is the largest active volcano in Japan.

I’m an outdoors person. I like to play sports, hike, and go for walks in nature, which I haven’t been doing a lot lately, so I miss that a lot. I’m from Arizona and I used to live in Sedona, Arizona, which has a lot of great hikes in the red rocks. Most of my favorite hikes are there. There’s Castle Rock, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rocks; there are so many different rocks. In Sedona, when you get to the top all you see is the valley, more red rock, and the desert landscape. I really like the desert and the way that it looks: the cacti and the different colored rocks. It’s beautiful. I really miss the West. I love the heat, the dry air, the friendliness, the desert, and the food is great too.”

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