Interning for the NE Patriots

Updated: Mar 3

This past summer, I worked for the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. The application process to get the internship consisted of two steps: first, I had a phone interview where I had to explain what I would bring to their organization if hired, and second, I wrote a 1600-word example article analyzing the 2018 NFL season.

I was responsible for a variety of tasks during my time at Gillette, but I had two primary jobs–– the first of which was a task to create a formula to quantify the success of the greatest dynasties throughout sports history.

With Bryan Morry, the Executive Director of the Patriots Hall of Fame, I laid out a groundwork for what qualified a team as a dynasty. The requirements included zero losing seasons during the dynasty’s run and having won at least three championships during a ten year period, among other factors. I then compiled data for twenty-six dynasties from all four major sports leagues (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL) including win percentage, division titles, and 13 other categories.

After collecting all of this data, I worked with Bryan to create a formula that we felt properly weighted each category. Other employees worked on writing an accompanying article, and the entire project recently began its display period as an exhibit in the Patriots Hall of Fame.

This project took about a month, and after that, I moved to my next major job–- interviewing players after training camp practices to record audio content for the Patriots website. There were also many TV broadcasters at training camp, such as NBC, NESN, 7NEWS, and more, doing very similar jobs. This added an element of stress because as soon as the practice ended and the Patriots staff allowed interviews to be conducted, there was always a huge scramble to get into a good position in the huddle around each player; getting to the media huddle too late makes it extremely difficult to get high-quality audio.

Unfortunately, a longer tenure than I have accumulated is required to ask questions during these interviews, so I was only allowed to operate the microphone, but it was still very cool to be in a huddle with TV crews and Patriots players. As the summer came to a close, I was able to land a part-time job with the Patriots during the regular season, and I have continued to work there since.

Currently, I go to Gillette Stadium each Wednesday straight after school. A typical work afternoon consists of a few different elements. If I arrive early enough, I will first head directly into a room with reporters on a conference call with the head coach of the Patriots’ opposing team the following week. There, I record the conversation between reporters and the coach. Although similar to what I did over the summer, this work is much easier as there are far fewer reporters that participate in the call.

Following that, I’ll head to the Patriots locker room, where once again I will get to record players’ interviews for the website. Though these interviews remind me of the mob-like rush of training camp, they are much more fun because I interview star players like Devin McCourty, Stephon Gilmore, and Sony Michel.

After that, I move upstairs to the office area, where I edit the audio and post it onto either the Patriots website or their official podcasts. Throughout the rest of the afternoon and into the evening, I edit and publish various other items for the website, including articles, videos, and even player bios, such as ones for any new players the Patriots may have acquired during the past week.

Having full access to edit the website can be nerve-wracking at times because almost all other employees leave by around 6:00 PM. This leaves me to work on the website essentially unsupervised for around two hours, with nobody to inform me if I have made a crucial error. However, so much responsibility is exciting.

Overall, it has been an amazing experience working for the Patriots, and I hope that I will continue to expand my role with them in the coming months. Football has been a passion of mine for years, so this opportunity has been like a dream come true.

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