Quarantine Laurels

By Nattalie Gualdron, Layout Editor, May 2020

With everything going on right now, The Nobleman would love to shout out some people who are doing a great job making Virtual Nobles better.

👏Dylan Cleverly (Class II) for blessing us with his amazing self written, self-produced song Religion. You can listen to Religion now on The Nobleman’s Spotify and relive the wonderful virtual assembly.

👏Kate Harrington (Faculty) for busting our stress with 15 blissful minutes of meditation almost every day. Setting aside a couple of minutes to focus on your breathing or visualize can help you check in with yourself and stay sane during these times; StressBusters is the way to start. The best part is that you can keep your video off, so no one needs to see you lying sideways off your bed as you get in the zone.

👏Justin Qin (Class II) for not only getting us pumped for the day with his amazing dance routines, but also for taking charge of Dance Club to teach us the basics. So excited to bust a move!

👏Emily Orscheln and Will Moore (both Class I) for the entertaining Chubby Bunny challenge that kept us all on the edge of our seats! Congrats Emily –– it’s no doubt the greatest accomplishment to come out of your Nobles years.

👏Vivian Tao (Class II) for being the best Nobles Minecraft Let’s Player and for showing off her poetry recitation skills on the Nobles Instagram. You redefined what a successful coronacation means when you –– within the same month –– built a Minecraft castle to make every AP Euro teacher’s day AND brought out the old NTC pipes for my favorite rendition of “The Road Not Taken.”

👏Madi Shaer (Class IV) for her performance of my all-time favorite song Grow As We Go by Ben Platt, taking the lead on freshmen performing in assembly! We can’t wait to hear more from the Class of 2023.

👏Coaches, Captains, and Advisors for supporting students in their mental, physical, and emotional wellness during these times.

👏Community Service Core for restoring my faith in humanity with More Good News. SO MANY wonderful opportunities to give back to the community AND stay safe by following social distancing guidelines! I can’t wait for more new initiatives!

👏Eric Diaz and Michael Polebaum (both Faculty) for always trying to make Virtual Assembly as smooth as a real assembly. I always look forward to Monday and Thursday.

👏...and of course, Cathy Hall, Kate Ramsdell, and the Virtual Nobles Committee for putting in the work to make Virtual Nobles possible. This month flew by thanks to the fact that you helped establish a much-needed routine for all of us. We are so grateful!

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