Quarantine Playlists: Associated with Vibes

By Nattalie Gualdron, Layout Editor, May 2020

Playlist #1: senior spring may be over but the party sure isn’t!

Get ready for senior spring at home (see: Saff’s article today)! Walk around your house as if you were walking the stage to graduate. Blow bubbles in your front yard and do some chalk art to get the full spring vibe. Remember to enjoy your last weeks as a Nobles student no matter how much it seems like you are not anymore.


Playlist #2: one “last” drive through campus

Who are we kidding, of course you’re sad about losing senior spring and nothing will ever make that up. You’re sad enough to get into your car, go through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru, and then to campus to park in front of the fields, eating your fries and crying for the third time this week.


Playlist #3: this is my fourth acai bowl of the day and I can’t stop making bread

What day is it? Is it Tuesday or Friday? Did I just miss my last two classes? Yes, but at least this new acai bowl recipe is bomb. Quarantine has made us all a little insane but make sure to hang in there.


Playlist #4: ready to go at 1 AM

These past few weeks have taken a hit to your sleeping schedule: waking up at noon (or later), taking several naps during the day, and then feeling super energetic and ready to go at 1 AM. It’s honestly one of the most productive times during quarantine and no one can tell me otherwise.


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