Quarantined Humans of Nobles

Updated: Apr 23

By Anya Cheng, Staff Writer, April 2020

Dylan Cleverly (Class II)

“Over quarantine, I spent a lot of time writing music, something I usually don’t have the extra time to focus on. I’m working on an album, I’ve been writing a string quartet, and just trying to find ways to keep myself busy. I also thought it’d be a fun challenge to recreate my song, ‘Religion,’ using only a keyboard and household items easily accessible while we’re social distancing, which turned out to be the video you all saw in assembly. Look out for that album – hopefully coming soon!”

Oliver Burstein (Class VI)

“I was sitting on the couch watching ‘The Office’ on my birthday and my mom got up and went to the door. Then she called me over and I just heard a really loud boombox playing music, and car horns. Then I saw a bunch of my friends and family driving by, holding signs out of the windows of their cars that said ‘Happy Birthday!’ and other really nice things like that. They went around the block once and I waved to everyone and thanked them for coming out and wishing me a happy birthday. I really appreciated it, especially because I couldn't have any friends over for my birthday, and it was amazing to see everyone in a way that abided by the social distancing rules.”

Emma Manigat (Class II)

“The oddest thing I have done over quarantine is go on a Google Doc with all of my friends. We ranked each other in a bunch of ‘most likely to’ superlatives categories and chose who is the best/worst in other qualities. It has made us closer.”

Clark Saunders (Class II)

“My favorite quarantine activity has been doing golf trick shots. I have a putting green in my basement and I find creative ways to get the ball to the hole. I then film myself making the shot, put a beat drop when the ball goes in the hole, and throw it up on my trickshot account on Instagram (@Clark_trickshots). Normally during the school year, I have trouble finding time to do trick shots, but this quarantine has given me an opportunity to post a ton of content. Go check it out!”

Alex Janower (Class III)

“Most memorably, I went for a bike ride on the first day of break and got hit by a car. If the collision was a battle, I’d argue that it was a tie because I knocked the side mirror clean off with my chin and dented the front bumper. I think that the car must’ve healed much faster than I, though. While it was surely the weirdest/most interesting/most major experience of my coronacation, it was DEFINITELY not my favorite quarantine activity.”

Alex Bao (Class I)

“My ‘favorite’ quarantine activity was cutting my hair. I was going to get my haircut before school closed but was too busy, and thus over break, my hair was way too long. I thought it was pretty easy to do – just start short in the back and get longer as I went up. I tried to livestream the back of my head so that I could watch it and use the video as a mirror as well as let other people watch it. It was bad, and I did not enjoy it. People laughed at me for like an hour straight and then even more in assembly.”

Aidan Bina, Nate Winslow, Patrick Albers, Chris Ryan (Class V)

“We all buzzed our hair.” Why?

Bina: “I buzzed for my BOYS.”

Winslow: “I buzzed for the aerodynamics.”

Albers: “I buzzed for my freedom.”

Ryan: “I buzzed because I was bored.”

Joey Duggan (Class IV)

“The idea sparked at around 9 PM when my brother’s best friend Junior was like, ‘I wanna do something crazy.’ I was like, Hmm, we should bleach our hair. And so in 30 minutes, we went store to store buying products and then by 11 PM our hair was bleached. It was an instant regret, concluding in Junior getting a buzz cut and me staying with the bleached hair.”

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