Quarantined Humans of Nobles: Installment 2

By Anya Cheng, Staff Writer, May 2020

Sammy Guerrero (Class I)

“During quarantine, I’ve started writing a book of short stories. So far I have four stories, and my plan is to write one more and then publish the book on Amazon. Writing the book has taken up the majority of my time, especially during the first few weeks. Even though it’s a very tedious process, I’ve actually had a lot of fun.”

Catie Asnis (Class II)

“When we were little, my siblings and I used to play a lot of tennis (especially at camps and stuff), but as school started to get busier, we played less and less. During quarantine, our old tennis rackets have come back out for the first time in years! My brother and I have been playing a lot of driveway tennis, at least once per day. Although we are both pretty rusty, to say the least, it has been super fun to spend this time together and always makes for something to look forward to every day. I forgot how much I missed the sport of tennis and hope that it is something that I can continue to play throughout my life.”

Meaghan Day (Class III)

“During quarantine, I decided to clean out my closet. When all of my clothes had been rearranged and ones that I did not want were in a pile, I thought to myself, I am going to try to sell these. For the next hour and a half, I took pictures and posted them on Poshmark, something I've never tried before. Now, I cannot say that I successfully sold anything yet, but it was still fun, and if you want to take a look my account is just my name!!”

Christian Figuero (Class IV)

“I have been customizing my clothing, including bleaching designs into my denim pieces and putting safety pins into my clothes and sneakers, to give it more of an industrial vibe. I also have been watching 90's cartoons and anime, and sort of broadening my usual palate. The shows I've watched are Daria, a great and really funny cartoon, and Sailor Moon, one of the most popular and successful anime shows of all time, with the coolest visuals. I've also been listening to music that I would never listen to (and now really like), like Slayyyter's self-titled mixtape and A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships by The 1975. And I bake a ton; it's so time-consuming!”

Ava Neal (Class IV)

“I have always admired electric guitar players. The idea of shredding and rocking out on stage with an electric guitar called to me like no other instrument. So when Mr. Lieberman told my mom about an extra electric guitar that wasn't being used in the band room, she was quick to bring it home for me. Since then, I have bonded with Gertie (the name of the guitar) and I spend 30 minutes or sometimes three whole hours learning new songs. My fingers have never been so sore, but I also have never been so proud of myself for picking up a new passion!”

Ethan Lung (Class II)

“About a week ago, my dad taught my sisters and me how to play Texas hold ‘em poker. Going into our first game, he was still teaching me the rules. Little did he know I would end up whooping him and making him go bankrupt! Now we have a family poker night every night that is more competitive than anything else we’ve done.”

Grace Smith (Class I)

“I've been trying to make bread for the past several days. I'm trying to use wild yeast from the air and cultivate it until I have enough for a loaf of bread! It started out as a project for Biochem, but now I'm really into it. I feed my little yeast population every day, and hopefully, soon it will be ready to use in dough!”

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