Students Call For Spring Friday Night Lights

It is 7:00p.m. The paved walkways connecting the Mac to the fields are hidden by leaves, scattering each time someone passes. The air is filled with the smell of freshly baked waffles, luring every person who passes. It is now 7:15p.m.. The lines for food slowly start to shorten as students begin to claim their seats along the sidelines. The lights hovering above highlight the building excitement and support of the student body and faculty. Friend groups merge into a single crowd. The time on the scoreboard begins to tick down as the first kick or pass is taken, triggering the screams of the sidelines. Players feel an immediate rush of adrenaline, and the smiles of spectators widen. The community is united in a single night, defining core values of support and respect within the Nobles mission statement. The weekend arrives, and the students return to Monday with a heavy heart, longing for the next fall to have that experience once again. This limitation of Friday Night Lights to a single season has sparked the idea of having another Friday Night Lights in the spring.

Varsity Girl’s Field Hockey Senior Captain Schuyler Edie has experienced playing under the lights as a freshman, and she will once again this year on October 26. She comments on the profound impact the event has on the community, stating, “It’s an incredible experience that you can be a part of at Nobles, where something that the school takes so much pride in surfaces and playing in it gives you a special connection to the school that is unparalleled.” In addition to field hockey, Edie is also a member of the Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team, and she contributes her opinion to the potential benefits of having another Friday Night Lights in the spring. “We are coming out of winter, which is generally a hard time for people with the cold and the work piling up. It would be a really cool way to bring people’s spirits up”.Edie believes the event to be an ideal segway into the spring season to bring up the morale of the school.

Boys Varsity Lacrosse Captain Will Zink has also experienced playing under the lights, but in a different setting. Last year, the varsity boys lacrosse teams at Nobles and St. Sebastian’s Varsity Lacrosse competed under the lights at Harvard in honor of the passing of the past graduate and profound lacrosse figure, Mccrae Williams (‘17) . Zink describes his experience of playing under the lights in the spring as “It felt like a different environment for me. I felt very supported by the community because a lot of people showed up. It felt nice to play a Nobles lacrosse game in a different setting that I hadn’t had the opportunity to do before”. Zink does not play a sport in the fall, and when asked if the limitation of this event to only the fall is unfair to non-fall athletes, Zink answers, “Yes, the two seasons are so similar in a sense, yet it only occurs once a year”. He then continues, commenting on the potential impact of a Spring Friday Night Lights, stating “It will bring everyone together, more like a last hoorah before summer”.

Athletics have played a key role in defining the legacy and culture of Noble and Greenough School. Friday Night Lights serves to hold a deep value within the community, and the experience has sparked the desire for more like it.

Becca Gill, Staff Writer, October 2018

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