Why I Watch: To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Most people love to travel down the dark hole that is hunting for super cheesy Netflix shows and movies about fluffed up high school life. For some reason, you can’t take your eyes off the screen. You’re lying on your couch, watching the most recent flick, and for a moment, you maybe wish you were the main character, but then you slap yourself back to reality. One of these alluring and addictive watches is To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

For those of you who have not seen it, here is a quick summary: Lara Jean, a young high school girl, writes a collection of love letters to five boys that she’s had crushes on at some point in her life, but she never sends the letters. One of these boys (Josh) becomes her sister’s boyfriend. Lara Jean is not an especially outgoing person at her school. In an effort to put her sister out there, Kitty — Lara Jean’s younger sister — sends the secret love letters to the five boys. To prevent any awkwardness with Josh (Lara Jean’s current crush), Lara Jean kisses Peter, another boy she wrote a letter to. Peter and Lara agree to have a secret relationship to make Peter’s ex-girlfriend jealous and to convince Josh that Lara has moved on. By the end of the movie, Peter and Lara’s fake relationship turns into a real relationship. However, a lack of communication between the “couple” causes a lot of drama throughout the film.

Personally, I do not watch movies often. It is not because I do not enjoy them, but because the ones I generally watch are simply awful. I can confidently say I may have watched one or two movies that have not bothered me and that I thoroughly enjoyed. So, when I decided to sit down and watch the movie which had been recommended to me, it did not surprise me that I did not like it.

To be fair, there were parts I somewhat liked. For example, I appreciated the conclusion of Lara Jean’s storyline: the underdog gets “the cool popular guy” and the mean jealous ex-girlfriend suffers without the boy. I also thought the senior ski trip where the seniors spent their winter break was a cool event to watch and vicariously enjoy.

However, I still criticized the film in the back of my head basically the entire time. First, the fact that Lara Jean was not angrier at her sister when she released the letters infuriated me. No one in their sane mind can keep their cool over something as invasive as that.

Secondly, Peter and Lara Jean took selfies which they then both set as phone wallpapers to convince their peers that they were dating. When two people date, that is simply not normal...in fact, it is creepy and would make other people think the couple was overly obsessed with each other. Also, the selfie faces might have been the cringiest photos I have seen. Peter winks and sticks his tongue out, and he hypes himself up way too often. He thinks he looks way too good all the time and tilts his head and smiles every other second, which made me want to throw my computer against a wall.

Thirdly, in another effort to convince people they were dating, Peter told Lara Jean to give him her scrunchie to wear on his wrist. In what way would that show anything romantic? I guess maybe that works if you want people to think you have a fetish for your girlfriend’s hair?

Fourthly, when Lara Jean was reversing her car in the school parking lot, she said that she doesn’t use her mirrors on purpose because they make her uncomfortable. Therefore, how could her father allow her to drive her younger sister to school, let alone how could she have passed her driving test?

In an effort to avoid becoming too agitated, I will limit myself to the critiques above. For those reading this, I would truly appreciate some GOOD movie recommendations if you have any!

By Becca Gill, Business Manager, December 2018

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